The client confirms having read and accepted the terms and conditions of sale as soon as the payment is made on the online store Darest Informatic SA or the relative button is clicked.
These general conditions of sale apply to orders against invoices , as well as to advance payments by credit card payments. All deliveries are carried out exclusively under such conditions of sale and delivery set out below.
For security purposes , DarestShop reserves the right to record all the information at its disposal concerning the customer during a transaction ( IP address, ...) .
The customer must ensure that the desired product or service you want fully meets its requirements and its use. The information contained in any prospectus or advertising materials published on the website (eg descriptions, illustrations , weights and measures or other ) are only indicative information that could not jeopardize the performance of the contract in case of slight deviations (the images are not binding and only the technical specifications on the manufacturer's website are authentic) . Indeed , technical and / or specifications contained products supplied may differ from the data provided by the manufacturer.
Therefore, Darest Informatic SA therefore makes no representation as to its accuracy unless they have been expressly declared compulsory in writing or by e -mail by the customer.
All orders must be placed through the website only and the buyer agrees upon receipt by Darest Informatic SA . Our prices are in Swiss francs , excluding taxes , subject to error and change without notice. An offer or order confirmation does not constitute an obligation to deliver .
If the price of an item ordered was between time increase , the new price will be considered for delivery. The client in this case may cancel the order without charge if not agree with the new conditions. Prices shown are valid only for orders placed on the web site orders. Darest Informatic SA therefore makes no representation as to its accuracy unless they have been expressly declared compulsory in writing or by e -mail by the customer.
The indications of the level of inventory with each article are for information purposes only . Darest Informatic SA therefore makes no representation as to its accuracy unless they have been expressly declared compulsory in writing or by e -mail by the customer.
Order Processing
We consider an order to be valid upon receipt of payment . If such payment is not received within 15 days after the date of order, it is automatically canceled. Cancellation of an order due to delivery exceeded shall be admissible only in cases where these limits were insured in writing. Where applicable, the cancellation fee is automatically charged at the rate of CHF 50.00 .
Items ordered
DarestShop considers all orders as a list of items independent of each other .
As a result , the customer is solely responsible for the selection of items that order. Darestshop can not verify the mutual compatibility of different articles in a command. He also belongs to the customer to check the compatibility of the items ordered with the equipment with which they want to use these items.
DarestShop realizes also , both for technical and logistical reasons , no assembly of components / items , even if they are part of a single command . It is the customer to assemble the items ordered .
The payment of any goods is only using the following method : the total amount of the order is payable without discount once or remission as payment options as mentioned. The prices in the shop are exclusive Vat , it is added at the time of order as well as any other costs .
Payment options offered by Darest Informatic SA are:
* For Visa and MasterCard ( 2.95% increase )
* For advance payment to our account
UBS SA – 1211 Genève 2
Compte : 240 - 261.182.03M
IBAN : CH95 0024 0240 2611 8203M
* Cons invoice after confirmation of commercial service (1.5% surcharge)
Download and send us once completed and signed,
Request for Payment against invoice:
Demande de Paiement contre Facture
Orders against invoices are only possible for companies registered in the Trade Register Switzerland. DarestShop requires an extract of the prosecution office and a formal letter authorizing namely people to place orders on our shop. The first order must be made against advance payment. The public law institutions (government , schools ...) also benefit from paiemet against invoice against delivery of a letter of authorization. Darest Informatic SA reserves the right to refuse without reason any delivery against invoice . In all cases , the establishment of bills involves an increase of 1.5 %. Customer management by a dedicated account manager involves additional management costs .
We accept all orders, but we will increase frs . 20 - . Ht expense management all administrative orders under Sfr . 80 . -
For funding proposals / leasing , it is necessary to contact the sales department Darest Informatic SA .
Darest Informatic SA retains ownership of the goods until full payment. In fact the property is transferred to the customer when it has fulfilled all of its obligations under the contract and , if paid , when it was received .
Shipping Addresses
DarestShop book is in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Only shipments to valid addresses will be accepted ( addresses on the Twix ) . Any order not meeting these requirements will be canceled. The customer will be notified by mail or telephone of the cancellation of the order. The customer will be charged a cancellation of order fee of 50 - . HT.
As part of a pre- payment or credit card payment , the customer will be refunded the amount of the order , the amount of which will be deducted from the order cancellation fee (50 - . HT). The refund procedure will be initiated only after receipt of full payment and complete recovery of the commodity ( Darest Informatic SA or its suppliers ) if it has been shipped.
All orders with shipping to a PO Box (PC ) will be canceled. The customer will be notified by mail or telephone of the cancellation of the order. As part of a pre- payment or credit card payment , the customer will be refunded the amount of the order , the amount of which will be deducted from the order cancellation fee (50 - . HT). The refund procedure will be initiated only after complete payment is received.
Shipping and logistics
We see a minimum of frs . 15 - . For all shipments of goods Franco Franco home or building entrance for all shipments large door.
Shipping time
In the case of payment by credit card or advance payments , delivery will be made after full payment is received ( 24/48h validation) provided that the goods are available. If the delivery time is less than 90 days depending on the information shop , Darest provides no additional even if the goods are already paid information. The buyer may not condition the validity of the order to a particular period of delivery.
Packaging Delivery
The shipment of goods is carried out at our convenience in conventional packaging.
Terms of delivery
The company Darest Informatic SA has sole authority in the choice of suppliers and carriers. Any requirement for the shipping mode or choosing a particular carrier will not be taken into account. DarestShop can manage and take into account the specific requirements for the delivery of the order (date and specific time , phone call ... ) . In both cases mentioned above, the order will be processed and delivered under the conditions defined in this document . If the customer wishes to cancel the order , the cancellation will be charged . 50 - HT ( amount deducted on it to control the time of repayment ) .
We strive to meet the agreed delivery with or without commitment. However, the delivery time is provided for information purposes only . If delivery can not be completed within the specified time, it is up to the customer to claim a new deadline in writing or by e -mail .
DarestShop can in no way be held liable for delays in delivery. A different delivery time customer expectations does not in any way constitute a cancellation of order pattern. No cancellation will be accepted between shipment of the product (s ) command (s ) and receiving it ( them) by the customer. Once the shipment is complete, the customer can initiate a return when the product is in its possession. The return process is carried out according to the procedures defined in these Terms and Conditions.
Receipt of goods
If the delivery address is incorrect or if the customer has not claimed the product to the carrier within the time specified in the notice of passage thereof , the merchandise is returned to the supplier . In both cases , an order cancellation procedure is immediately and automatically initiated by Darest Informatic SA . The cancellation order is invoiced . 50 - HT ( amount deducted at the time of redemption) .
The customer has the responsibility to inspect the goods upon receipt and condition before use. If the equipment does not comply with the order, this must be notified in writing within 5 days after receiving the goods order@darestshop.ch .
A possible transport damage must report immediately to the carrier and the delivery note must include: " in all subject to verification of the goods " ( post or private carrier ) .
Command Errors
In case of error control , the goods can be returned only if the supplier or manufacturer accepts the return. The costs incurred by such a return procedure ( Administrative, restocking , forwarding ... ) are charged 50 - . Ht ( amount deducted from the refund).
Conditions of return
For returns , a written request must be sent to retour@darestshop.ch , motivating reason for the return and the state (s) of the package ( these) product (s) . Items must be returned in their original packaging unopened and unused . Opened packages automatically void the return. If the customer wants the resumption of purchase due to incompatibility , dissatisfaction or another , our customer service is available to examine the application.
Darest Informatic SA provides one year warranty on its products against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. The warranty covers parts and labor if the computer is mounted by us. The warranty covers parts only exchange or repair the defective component. All labor will be charged at actual time spent and rate. The warranty is solely to exchange , replacement with a product of the same brand and same specifications , refund or repair the defective product recognized by decision of Darest Informatic SA and computer manufacturers. Other claims are excluded , including the recovery or refund. The customer is responsible for the data and their backup time required for their eventual recovery is charged . Darest does not bear any costs charged by the manufacturer for a defective product but not declared as such . The sending of the item will be made after receipt of payment .
The warranty is not valid in case of defects or damage due to external events , lightning strikes , natural disasters , wear, third-party intervention , electrical accidents , use of non -compliance and / or inconsistent with the manufacturer's standards . The buyer must assert a warranty directly from the manufacturer if it has established a special procedure (exchange , on-site warranty or product recall ), or if the warranty stated by the manufacturer is greater than that provided by Darest Informatic SA . If the manufacturer is not established in Switzerland procedures direct warranty Darest will pay the course of it ( written retour@darestshop.ch with a detailed description of the failure demand - does not work n 'is not a valid description). Consumable or wear parts ( ink cartridges , toners , drums, Zip, CD- R , DVD -R, etc. . ) Are not covered by the warranty .
Darest Informatic SA is entitled to legitimately intervene in Suisse Romande in all cases warranty on the majority of Hewlett -Packard products purchased or not in Darest also those covered by CarePack and without any charge.
The warranty will not be granted for obvious defects and defects of the product for which a claim must be made within 5 days . The warranty period is not extended following a repair or an exchange . If the product can not be repaired or replaced (eg when stopping production or product end of life ) , Darest Informatic SA reserves the right to choose between :
- The delivery of the replacement model ( depending on the provider ), the specifications can differ from the original product .
- The delivery of a product with specifications close to or above ( subject to fees).
The client does not have the ability to repair the product by a third party or a third of the cost of Darest Informatic SA . All costs resulting from a return or a refund at the store is the responsibility of the customer. Darest Informatic SA shall not be liable for loss of data or for indirect costs such as travel, postage, loss of profit as well any other costs that the failure of a product or device could produce.
Any repairs related to software / software , improper configuration , lack of compatibility between the various components , or more generally a problem is not related to hardware / hardware itself will be charged out of warranty . The buyer can not claim such a warranty in case of software incompatibility / software.
In case the buyer returns the goods with reference to a failure and that it can not be proven by Darest Informatic SA or due to misconfiguration , repairs will be billed at the actual time spent at the current rate . Return costs are the responsibility of the buyer. The buyer using a third party to modify or repair equipment out of our technical service or the manufacturer may not claim any compensation . In addition, the guarantee may be questioned. Darest Informatic SA assumes no responsibility for any damage, costs or indirect costs arising from the inability to use the product. The non-warranty repair is subject to fee quote flat rate amounting to CHF 120. - . If the buyer does not wish to repair the product , however , it is liable for the costs estimate. If the repair takes place, costs estimates are canceled and repairs charged at the current rate of parts , past real time and at the current rate of labor . The repair costs estimate or elimination default pay in cash.
In case of withdrawal of material for disposal , the buyer shall pay the disposal fees and filing fees by us to the recycling plant . All product returns must first be accepted by Darest Informatic SA . The buyer will comply with the procedure. An unauthorized return will be refused by Darest Informatic SA . The buyer will retain its invoice, the original and all manuals, drivers and accessories package. A copy of the invoice and a description of failure are essential for each repair . The latter can only be processed within five days of receipt of the goods. It must be in its original and undamaged packaging. A recovery software in an open container is impossible.
Only Darest Informatic SA decides whether and under what conditions, a recovery can take place. Costs of restocking and possible deductions in all possible cases. Darest Informatic SA reserves the right to refuse the return without prior indication . Return accepted , the customer receives a credit note can be offset by the purchase of materials or services . A refund is not possible .
The Geneva court shall have jurisdiction for disputes arising from the business relationship between Darest Informatic SA and the buyer. The legal status raises the Swiss legislation, in particular the law of obligations specific provisions Should individual provisions of these conditions are or become void in whole or in part, the validity of the other conditions remain intact. The buyer agrees that Darest Informatic SA uses the data obtained from this business relationship , according to the law on data protection , for commercial purposes , within the company .