Lenovo ThinkPad Precision USB Mouse - Mouse - optical - 3 buttons - wired - USB - graphite black - retail - for S510; ThinkCentre M715; M900; Thinkpad 13; 13 Chromebook; ThinkPad E47X; E57X; V510

Manufacturer Lenovo
Manufacturer# 0B47158
Delivery time: 1-2 days
CHF 15.00
CHF 13.93 excl.
Specifically, The ThinkPad precision mouse was designed to match the ThinkPad laptops and ThinkPad OneLink docks. This mouse includes a sleek design and precise control features that not only enhance your office performance but also provide an excellent option for those mobile users on the go. Optical tracking technology enhances your control through precision performance that operates on almost any surface. This and other features provided to you at a wonderful price.

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