Dell Wyse C10LE Thin Client - DTS - 1 x C7 1 GHz ULV - RAM 512 MB - Flash 128 MB - no HDD - Chrome9 HCM - GigE - Wyse Thin OS - Monitor : none.

Manufacturer Wyse Technology
Manufacturer# 902175-02L
Energy label
Next possible delivery date: Mar 23, 2019
CHF 323.00
CHF 299.91 excl.
The Wyse C10LE thin client features a separate graphic accelerator for unparalleled performance in its class. The ultra low power media system processor delivers rich multimedia and video playback up to 1080p HD resolution. The Wyse C10LE diskless devices boot-up in seconds, provide secure user login to corporate networks and, with no moving parts. The Wyse C10LE thin client draws just under 7 watts of power and creates very little heat. As a result, each Wyse C10LE thin client contributes to cooler working environments, greatly reduced carbon footprints and huge savings in energy costs when compared to equivalent PC desktops.

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